How it works ? (Six very simple steps TO GET A LOAN!)
1 You contact us: contact form or e-mail:
2 We send you an application. You fill it out and send it back via e-mail or fax: 773-305-1606
3 We contact you with max. 2 or 3 Lenders, which best fit your needs and expectations!
4 At this point Lenders may ask you for more information, documents, statements etc.
5 Lenders send you a written proposal. We help you choose the best one.
6 We can find for you (at NO additional charge!) very affordable truck or trailer - 48 states!
Simple as 123! We do NOT charge a brokerage commission for our services!

We can find for you (at NO additional charge)
any type of trucking equipment in 48 states!
We work directly with hundreds of truck
and trailer dealers - Nationwide!
Just send as a basic specification of the truck
you are looking for and we will find it for you
for FREE - Simple as 123!
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We can help you find ANY trucking equipment in 48 states!

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All you need is to invest just five minutes of your time to fill contact form or call us. It's really simple.
You don't have to worry about anything else, because our qualified staff will do the rest.

In addition to help with truck and trailer financing / leasing. We provide a great service for our customers, who are looking to buy a quality and very affordable truck or trailer. We can find for you FOR FREE any kind of trucking equipment (truck or trailer) in all 48 states. Minimum value of the vehicle must be at least $10.000!
We work directly with hundreds of dealers - nation wide!
Just send us the listed below information regarding the equipment you want to buy and will will find for you the truck or trailer of your dreams at NO additional cost to you!
What information do we need:
Make, model, type of equipment (day cab, sleeper cab, tanker, reefer, flatbed, specialized etc.), year of manufacture, preferred engine, transmission, mileage: Please e-mail your request to:

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